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If you're not a die-hard fan of Single-A minor league baseball, you might have missed this feel-good story.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Georgina Walton returned home from deployment and surprised her young son Brody after he threw out the first pitch at the Charleston RiverDogs game on Thursday.

"He just stared at me and his eyes got big and teary,” Walton told ABC News. “He couldn’t say anything. He was very stunned. He didn’t say anything until he was almost in the locker rooms and I asked him, ‘Are you ok?’ and he said, ‘I’m just so excited.’"

Brody, who turns six on Sunday, had been upset that his mom wouldn't return from her deployment in Southwest Asia in time for his birthday.

"I looked online at the events happening around here to surprise him,” she said. “The RiverDogs game was one of the events. I grew up going to the RiverDogs and always loved it. He’s been raised to love sports, so I contacted them, and it was his first game there ever."

She said she was thankful to her family and the RiverDogs for helping her create such a special moment.

"And I’m so grateful to serve our country too, and be a part of the Air Force. I’m so grateful for everything they’ve given me.”

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