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Stuart Varney believes that an apparent terror attack at one of Paris’ most storied landmarks could have a huge effect on France's presidential election on Sunday.

One police officer was killed and two others were seriously injured when a gunman opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle on a police patrol parked on the Champs-Elysees.

Varney argued that far-right, nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen - who is already expected to do well first round of voting on Sunday and make it to a May 7 runoff - will be helped by the attack because of her tough talk on terror.

President Trump tweeted a similar sentiment earlier on Friday.

Varney noted that there have been 21 attacks in France in just the last two years, with more than 230 deaths, and he said those startling numbers will weigh heavily on voters’ minds as they go to the polls.

“It is terror that will destroy the open borders policy of the European Union," Varney said. "It is terror that has overwhelmed the police. In France alone, there are 20,000 people on watch lists. ... They can't watch that many.”

“What would America do if the same series of attacks and killings had happened here? Safe to say, we would be as angry as the French are now.”

Watch more above, and see Judge Jeanine Pirro get fired up while discussing the left's attempts to "shut down the right."

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