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Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed in this morning on the decision by University of California-Berkeley to cancel a planned speech by conservative author Ann Coulter. 

The prominent right-wing commentator then vowed to show up anyway and the university reversed course and re-invited her to campus to speak.

Coulter, however, said the cancellation of her speech was not "rescinded" and that the university added "more burdensome" conditions on her visit. She refused to show up at the new date, when no classes are scheduled.

Conservatives have pointed to a growing restriction of free speech on liberal-leaning college campuses.

Democrat Howard Dean then tweeted that "hate speech" like Coulter's isn't protected by the Constitution. 

Judge Pirro said this is "just the beginning" of attempts by the left to create limits in order to "silence" right-wing voices of opposition. 

"They are now gonna say, 'if you say things that we don't like, it's not protected by the First Amendment.' ... Understand this is a political agenda to shut down the right from saying what they want," she said.

Pirro said the nation's founders are "twisting in their graves" at the effort by the left to redefine protected speech.

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