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Steps from Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., is a building that U.S. taxpayers own: the Old Post Office Pavilion.

Fox News' Jenna Lee got an exclusive tour of the building, which President Trump has leased as the new Trump International Hotel.

The storied building is the second tallest structure in D.C., and it contains a little-known national treasure: a clock tower that provides the best view of the nation's capital.

The tower is operated by the National Park Service, and public tours conducted by the service are set to begin soon.

Jenna got a special look at the truly unique view at the top of the tower.

"It’s amazing," Jenna said. "You really do have a 360 view of all the major sights that anyone would want to see."

She said the Old Post Office - often described as a front row seat to history - links our past with our present and serves as a powerful symbolic reminder of where the true power of the American government lies: in the hands of the people.

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