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A New York Times Sports editor declared himself "an idiot" for tweeting a photo comparison that suggested the crowd for the New England Patriots' White House celebration was much smaller than the one two years ago. 

"Bad Tweet by me. Terrible Tweet," said Jason Stallman in a statement issued to Yahoo News' Colin Campbell.

Stallman went on to explain that the idea was not properly vetted and took full responsibility for the misleading photo comparison, which was re-tweeted more than 50,000 times and is still on Twitter.

The Times issued a clarification after the initial tweet went viral. It came after the Patriots said the delegation that attended was about the same size, but that this time around members of the football staff were seated. 

President Trump then took to Twitter to slam the "failing" Times for getting caught in the "big lie."

The paper issued a correction online after including the comparison photo in an article about the Super Bowl champions' visit.

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