On "Outnumbered" today, Meghan McCain and Marie Harf got into a testy exchange while discussing the Obama administration's nuclear agreement with Iran.

McCain agreed with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's assessment that the Iran deal "fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran."

She said that of all the sins of the previous administration, this is the one that future generations will feel the most ramifications from.

Harf, a former State Department official under Obama, insisted that the deal is working.

"The Iranians have upheld their part of the bargain," Harf said. "Because of that deal, today they are over a year away from being able to get a weapon. Before the deal, they were under 60 days away."

She said Iran's nuclear program has been "greatly diminished" as a result of the deal.

McCain argued that it is not a success and it's actually the biggest foreign policy catastrophe of Obama's eight years as commander-in-chief.

"We have no reason to trust these people," McCain said. "These are people who scream, 'Death to America! Death to Israel!' in the middle of the street."

Harf again stated that Iran is now further away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but McCain shot that assertion down.

"That's just Obama propaganda," McCain said, adding that not recognizing the growing threat of a nuclear Iran is "delusional and dangerous."

Watch the exchange above.

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