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Conservative author Mark Steyn said some colleges are "selling out freedom of speech" by throwing up roadblocks for conservative speakers.

The University of California-Berkeley recently reversed its cancellation of Ann Coulter's speech, but also moved it to another date and time.

Its chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, said he was "gravely concerned" by Coulter's announcement that she would show up on campus even after the cancellation, because it threatened school safety.

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Steyn called Dirks' response a "creepy, weasely and evasive speech" and quoted another author who called 'security concerns' "the new 'shut up'."

He said colleges like Berkeley now simply claim there are security concerns when a conservative speaker is to appear, and say it is too unsafe for that person to visit.

"They are selling out freedom of speech," he said.

Steyn said inaction against violence, like the response to Milo Yiannopoulos' appearance at Berkeley in February, is turning campuses into "hooligan football stadiums."

He also called out campus police chiefs who tell officers to stand down during such rioting.

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