Judge Jeanine Pirro said the federal judge previously attacked by then-candidate Donald Trump over his Mexican-American heritage will put aside differences and handle a high-profile case properly.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel was chosen to preside over the case involving Juan Manuel Montes, the first DREAMer deported by President Trump, 

Pirro said Curiel is fit to preside over the case, adding that most judges will stay above the fray when making serious decisions.

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Pirro repeated her disagreement with Trump's criticisms of the judge, who presided over a Trump University lawsuit.

On the merits of Montes' case, Pirro said it was clear that immigration law should be enforced.

She said Curiel must also decide whether Montes received required clearance to temporarily leave the country.

Montes was reportedly caught trying to scale a border fence into Calexico, California earlier this year.

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