Eric Bolling said Iran is more of a danger than the regime of Kim Jong-un, saying the country was "North Korea on HGH steroids."

Bolling said the Mullahs-- the politically powerful clerics in Tehran-- are as fanatical as the dictator Kim.

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He noted that they, along with the rest of the Iranian government, fund terrorism and support Hezbollah.

"Iran is North Korea on HGH steroids," he said.

Bolling slammed President Obama for front-loading the Iran nuclear deal with the transfer of millions of dollars in cash to the Middle Eastern country.

He said the White House must stop any further flow of money to Iran, calling them a part of the world's "axis of evil."

He praised Secretaries James Mattis and Rex Tillerson for noting that Iran could pull Russia and Syria with them into a conflict against Western powers.

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