After canceling her planned speech, the University of California-Berkeley told the Washington Post that conservative author Ann Coulter will be re-invited to the campus.

Coulter's speech was originally canceled despite the fact the 55-year-old said she agreed to several unusual terms imposed on her by the college.

She said Wednesday that she would visit campus and speak on her originally-scheduled date anyway, remarking: "What are they going to do? Arrest me?"

The college said in an email to the Post on Thursday that it will reserve time for her to speak.

But, a College Republican group involved with the original event's planning said they may reject the terms of the new speaking engagement, the paper reported.

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Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell initially emailed students saying the public could not be guaranteed "adequate protection" but Coulter's sponsor, the Young Americas Foundation released a statement that appeared to challenge that claim.

YAF said Berkeley demanded a "series of ridiculous requirements... in the name of safety," and shut down the speech "like Kim Jong-un" despite Coulter agreeing to the new rules.

The university told YAF Coulter would have to speak in the afternoon, make sure her event was only open to students, and only announce the speech location close to the event time.

Coulter asked UC Chancellor Janet Napolitano to ask the Oakland police chief not to order his officers to stand-down if unrest ensued

She also asked that Napolitano, a former Democratic Arizona governor and Obama administration cabinet member, expel any student who engaged in criminal activity at the event.

UPDATE: Coulter has rejected Berkeley's offer to reschedule her visit to a date when there would be no classes in session.

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