Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali reacted to a Detroit surgeon being charged with genital mutilation of a young girl in the ER.

Ali, who was subjected to the grisly practice in Somalia, said Dr. Jumana Nagarwala must be punished for her alleged actions.

She said young girls are taken either overseas or to states without a ban on the practice to have their private parts surgically mutilated.

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In Nagarwala's case, a Minnesota girl was taken to Michigan because her home state banned the surgery.

Ali said the reasoning for the operation, which suppresses libido and better ensures virginity, is often cultural or related to Islam.

Tucker Carlson said every legislator and women's rights group should be actively opposing the practice.

Though there are federal laws governing the issue, Ali said there are 26 states without a ban on the operation.

"We cannot sacrifice little girls on the altar of identity politics," she said, noting that it is often the obscene nature of the operation that makes discussion of it taboo.

Ali said her "AHA" foundation works to prevent the operation from continuing, and helps protect the half-million girls at risk of having it done to them.

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