A pro-life display at Washington State University was destroyed by a student who was angry that it was "pushing a religious agenda."

The Washington State University Students for Life group set up a “Cemetery of the Innocent” display with 300 pink crosses in honor of aborted children.

A video posted to Facebook shows pro-choice student Keaton Aspell pulling the crosses from the ground.

After the student organization replaced the display, Aspell destroyed it for a second time.

“The responses I got were ‘thank you for doing it,’ ‘I really appreciate this,’ and ‘that's disgusting what they are doing,’” Aspell told the student newspaper. “I don't think it creates any type of unity. I think it just causes divisiveness, and they are just pushing their religious agenda, and it really made me angry.”

Trisha Mallett, Students for Life at WSU president, said the crosses were used to mimic a cemetery and had no religious value at all.

She said the demonstration was peaceful and meant to reach as many people as possible.

After the incident, University President Kirk Schulz released a statement, saying that "it’s important to remind our community again that WSU cherishes freedom of expression on its campuses."

Watch the video above.

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