President Trump continued his tough talk on illegal immigration in a "Fox & Friends" interview today, saying that criminal illegal immigrants are “getting the hell out” of the U.S. or being thrown behind bars.

In the past, many deportees were not welcomed back in Mexico after being kicked out of the U.S., but that appears to be changing.

With an election right around the corner, Mexican politicians are eagerly embracing deportees as the embodiment of Trump’s hostility toward their country and their people.

Conservative blogger George Rodriguez said on "Fox & Friends" this morning that this falls in line with Mexico's history of political corruption.

"The culture of politics down there is one based on the bribe - 'la mordida,' as we call it," Rodriguez said. "Those of us that have lived and grown up on the border, we know that Mexico has always had a very, very poor relationship ... with its citizens. It is not a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

He noted that former President Obama deported more than two million Mexicans during his time in office, without getting any reaction from the Mexican "oligarchy."

Now, they're taking advantage of the public fury over Trump's policies to further their own self-interest, he said.

"Mexico loves to play the victim to the United States," Rodgriguez explained. "They seem to blame everything on the United States. I guarantee that whatever goes wrong in their election, whatever goes wrong in the administration, they will blame it on Donald Trump and the United States."

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