Report Calls Out Just How Much Time MSNBC's Maddow Spends on Trump & Russia

'Who Gave You Your Manners?': Russia's Lavrov Scolds NBC's Mitchell

A Media Research Center analyst raised questions this morning about the media's real agenda in covering the Tax Day protests, specifically pointing to an MSNBC interview with actress Debra Messing.

At the rallies Saturday, many Americans called for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns and continued to push the narrative about alleged connections to Russia.

At one of the rallies, the former "Will & Grace" star told MSNBC that Trump "has deep links to Russia" and said American democracy was "attacked and infiltrated by Russia."

Messing said if Trump has nothing to hide, then he should release the tax returns to reassure the American people about his business ties.

"If you care about the American people, you will release your taxes," she said. 

The reporter, Morgan Radford, then followed up by asking whether protests are the "best way to make our voices heard" in order to "neutralize" the threat posed by the current administration.

Media Research Center managing editor Brittany Hughes weighed in, taking issue with the "leading" line of questioning and saying that media bias on the left does not get more blatant. 

"You might as well just put down the microphone, pick up a picket sign and a pink knitted hat and go running into the march yourself. This is Journalism 101. You don't do this," she said.

Watch the Messing clip above and the "Fox & Friends" discussion below.

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