Judge Andrew Napolitano said that after eight years of President Obama, it is "newsworthy" when the federal government enforces immigration law.

Discussing illegal immigration on "The First 100 Days," Napolitano said that for too long, the federal government "looked the other way" when undocumented people committed crimes.

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Napolitano said President Trump's administration, including DHS Secretary Gen. John Kelly, is very different than previous administrations.

"It is newsworthy when the government enforces the law," he said.

He criticized Obama's use of prosecutorial discretion-- choosing not to enforce certain laws he didn't agree with-- saying that presidents are allowed to do so too often.

Napolitano complimented the Trump administration for appearing to curb illegal border crossings without spending any money.

He echoed Kelly in saying Trump's tone toward illegal immigrants may be the reason for a noticeable drop in the number of people illegally entering the United States from Mexico.

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