Charles Krauthammer said it is likely the United States will have shot down a North Korean missile within the next year.

Krauthammer said the increasing volatility of the North Korean leadership means the U.S. cannot stand by and watch like it has for 30 years.

He said that dictator Kim Jong-un is rapidly accelerating the country's nuclear program, and that the Trump administration will work to either hinder or end the threat.

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Krauthammer said President Trump is unlikely to order a preemptive strike on Pyongyang, but was certain that a Korean missile will be shot down within the next year.

He said there is an operations center in Alaska which monitors and would protect the United States from intercontinental missile threats.

Krauthammer also dismissed a New York Times comparison between the Korean crisis to the Cuban missile crisis of 1960, 

Speaking at the Demilitarized Zone, Vice President Pence said the United States' "strategic patience" with the North is over.

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