Two wounded warriors threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park in Boston on Sunday.

American Ivan Castro and Briton Karl Hinett were seriously injured in Iraq during combat and have since retired from the services, ESPN reported.

The crowd cheered as the two veterans kicked off the afternoon game between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays.

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Additionally, Hinett and Castro are working with the Heads Together Campaign-- led by Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry of England-- to bring attention to the mental health of wounded veterans.

In 2005, Hinett was injured when a molotov cocktail exploded during a riot in Baghdad.

He suffered burns over more than 35 percent of his body and was in a coma for several days.

Castro was blinded during combat in Iraq in 2006, but has since reached goals many could only dream of.

He's visited the South Pole, participated in dozens of marathons and even hiked Mount Kilimanjaro-- the highest point in Africa.

This week, the two will be tethered together to run the Boston Marathon as a team for the Heads Together Campaign, and later go to London to compete in that city's marathon.

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