This week, Jesse Watters teamed up with T-Roy Broussard of "Swamp People" to take a page from President Trump's playbook and "Drain The Swamp."

Broussard gave Watters a pair of pink earmuffs for their airboat ride and off the duo went.

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Passing a half-sunken boat, Broussard remarked "that was the CNN news crew."

Along the way, they spotted alligators, muskrats, and a heavily-decomposed animal Broussard pulled out of the water by its tail, eliciting a shocked response from Watters.

Despite being thousands of miles southwest of Capitol Hill, Broussard said both "swamps" had a lot in common:

When he got hungry, Watters was told to effectively find his own snack:

At the end of the day, Watters and Broussard went fishing, but caught nothing.

When he asked what type of fish Broussard usually catches, Watters was told it was a species well-known to people back in the northeast:

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