Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer reacted to criticism of the United States military dropping the "mother of all bombs" this week.

Meyer called the action, approved by President Trump, a direct reflection of White House leadership.

He said that after eight years, we have a president who allows the military operators on the ground to make their own decisions, instead of one that acts with political gamesmanship on their mind.

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Meyer said on "Fox & Friends Weekend" that there are not many effective ways to kill large numbers of terrorists in the tricky terrain of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, where the bomb was dropped.

He called the military America's "team," and asked why Americans would not want to "root" for their "team" to win at all costs.

Meyer added that Trump's decisiveness in regard to foreign affairs is an improvement from Obama, whom he criticized for allowing sailors to be captured by Iran with no repercussions.

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