Charles Krauthammer appeared on the "Special Report" panel tonight to react to some "radical" changes he's seen in President Trump's foreign policy.

He said that today's use of "the mother of all bombs" on ISIS targets in Afghanistan sent a strong message to our other adversaries, including Iran and North Korea.

He said following the bombing of a Syrian air base last week, it adds up to a "radical departure" from what Trump said about foreign policy on the campaign trail and in his inaugural address.

Krauthammer explained that Trump had put forward a non-interventionist, "America first" message, repeatedly stating that he would focus on creating U.S. jobs and making the economy better for everyday Americans.

"In the inaugural address, he defines national interest very narrowly," Krauthammer said. "And here, what we are back to is the traditional American understanding of national interest as a broad definition."

He said it's "reassuring" to our allies that we're accepting world leadership in a way that had not been accepted for the past eight years by former President Obama.

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