The daughter of a man who was bloodied and dragged off of an overbooked United Airlines flight last weekend spoke out this morning at a news conference. 

Crystal Dao Pepper, the daughter of 69-year-old Kentucky doctor David Dao, thanked people all over the world for the outpouring of concern and prayers over the last few days.

"What happened to my dad should never happen to any human being," she said, adding it has been a very difficult time for the family. 

"We were horrified, shocked and sickened to learn and see what happened to him."

The incident was recorded by passengers and that footage - which shows Dao appearing to have been knocked unconscious - has spread around the world.

Dao Pepper said her father is "healing" from his injuries. The family's attorney, Tom Demetrio, said earlier that Dao suffered a significant concussion, a broken nose and lost two teeth.

The incident began in Chicago when United asked that four passengers voluntarily leave the overbooked aircraft. Since not enough passengers accepted the airline's offer, Dao and others were chosen at random to depart the plane. 

Dao refused, explaining he had patients to see in the morning. Officers were then called onto the plane to forcibly remove Dao.

Demetrio said the incident points to a larger problem about the way passengers are treated by airlines. 

Since Monday morning, when the video made national headlines, United has experienced a PR nightmare, with CEO Oscar Munoz offering repeated apologies.

The airline announced Wednesday it would reimburse all passengers who were aboard Flight 3411.

Chicago's Aviation Department has said three airport police officers involved in the incident have been placed on leave as officials investigate.

Demetrio said a lawsuit will "probably" be forthcoming against United, adding that he did not believe race played a role in the incident.

He said the law states that a passenger cannot be removed from an aircraft with "unreasonable force or violence."

Dao and his wife fled Vietnam as refugees in the 1970s. They have five children, four of whom are doctors.

"He said he left Vietnam in 1975, when Saigon fell. He was on a boat and he said he was terrified. He said that being dragged down the [airplane] aisle was more horrifying and harrowing than what he experienced in leaving Vietnam," said Demetrio.

Watch Ms. Dao's remarks above.

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