NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell drew the ire of Russia's foreign minister, who snapped at her for continuing to shout questions his way.

As Sergey Lavrov and his Russian diplomatic team took their seats at a table opposite Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the American delegation, Mitchell can be heard yelling a question over his back.

Mitchell, 70, the network's chief foreign affairs correspondent, however did not receive the answer she wanted.

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"Mr. Lavrov," Mitchell, began, asking the diplomat about Syria. "The Russians don't believe the [U.S.] intelligence."

"Who was bringing you up [as a child]?" Lavrov boomed, cutting her off.

"Who was giving you your manners, you know?" he asked, sounding annoyed.

Lavrov, 67, then turned his attention back to the table and began conversing with them in Russian.

Another angle of the scene appears to show Tillerson smile as Lavrov rebuked Mitchell:

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