WWE Superstar Kane has been known by many names during his 20-year tenure with the world's largest wrestling promotion, from "The Big Red Monster" to "The Devil's Favorite Demon."

Now, he's looking to add "mayor" to that list.

The three-time world champion - whose real name is Glenn Jacobs - officially announced his candidacy for mayor of Tennessee’s Knox County on Tuesday.

Jacobs is running as a Republican, and he's vowing to keep taxes low, eliminate waste and reduce red tape.

“For the past 22 years, I’ve had the pleasure of living here in East Tennessee,” Jacobs said during his announcement. “Because my career with WWE has taken me all around the world on a weekly basis, my family and I could live pretty much anywhere in the U.S. that we wanted. We live here because want to live here — because we love it here.”

Knox County Commissioner Bob Thomas is also running, and Knox County Sheriff Jimmy ”J.J.” Jones has filed paperwork for a possible bid.

As a wrestler, Jacobs' character is a towering and sadistic monster, delivering devastating Tombstone Piledrivers and chokeslams to his ill-fated opponents.

"At 7 feet tall and weighing in at more than 300 pounds, Kane is a monstrous abomination that seems to have been extracted directly from your childhood nightmares," his bio on WWE.com reads.

"Consumed by an infernal desire to set ablaze the lives of his fellow Superstars, Kane leaves a scorched path of destruction behind his fiery footsteps."

Jacobs has not appeared on WWE television since November, and his full-time in-ring days are widely assumed to be over.

His storyline brother, The Undertaker, just retired at WrestleMania 33. No word yet if 'Taker is considering a career in politics.

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