Judge Jeainine Pirro is outraged at United Airlines for forcibly removing a passenger from an overbooked flight.

A disturbing video posted to Twitter on Sunday shows security officers dragging a bloodied man off a plane after he refused to give up his seat before takeoff.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Judge Jeanine said an airline doesn't have the right to bring in law enforcement to violently intervene in a civil dispute.

She said it's an "outrage" that a ticketed, seated passenger would be asked to get off a plane, let alone be made to do so with excessive force.

"They have no right to bloody that man up, no right at all," Judge Jeanine said. "This isn't a police state!"

 She said if the forthcoming lawsuit were litigated in her courtroom, she would "definitely" side with the passenger.

Watch more above, and see Judge Napolitano weigh in on the United controversy.

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