Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer responded to the meeting between American and Russian diplomats by saying he was encouraged by its "iciness."

Krauthammer said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made it clear to the Kremlin that "the eight years of [a] free lunch is over."

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He said Tillerson struck the perfect tone of reserve and glumness, while telling Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov exactly where America stands on the Syrian attack and other issues.

Krauthammer said Tillerson was a refreshing change from former Secretary of State John Kerry (D-Mass.), who went "around like a puppy dog" telling the world Russia was listening to the West.

He called the meeting "beautiful" and was "encouraged... by its iciness."

While he would not call the icy relationship a "cold war," Krauthammer said the temperature has definitely "begun to fall" since the Georgian invasion six years ago.

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