Laura Ingraham urged President Donald Trump to remember the "America First" message that got him elected and expressed concern that the White House is moving off course when it comes to foreign policy. 

Ingraham said she and other Trump supporters are worried that the United States could become "mired" in another conflict in the Middle East, weakening America instead of strengthening it. 

"[Trump] spent the whole campaign talking about how Syria was not in the national security interest," she noted, calling out White House communications director Mike Dubke for reportedly telling staffers that there is no "Trump doctrine" on foreign policy. 

Dubke also, according to Politico, stressed the need for a "rebranding" of the White House message as the 100-day mark of the administration approaches.

Ingraham said she cannot imagine that President Trump approved that message, which was communicated to 30 staffers. 

"How is that helping Donald Trump? He had a very clear message, which is why he motivated people in the middle of the night to line up to go see him at rallies. I'm not sure getting rid of Bashar al-Assad was at the top of the list of the people in Pennsylvania," said Ingraham. 

She said the crowds at Trump's rallies were motivated by his "America First" message, specifically on job creation, economic improvements and higher wages. 

"What's most important for Donald Trump is to remember those core issues which he so successfully campaigned on that motivated voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio," she advised. 

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