Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said this morning that retaliation for the U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian air base is most likely to come from Iran. 

The Fox News strategic analyst discussed with Shannon Bream the overall effectiveness of the strikes, which came in response to Syrian forces' use of chemical weapons against civilians. 

Peters noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was warned that the missile attack was coming, but didn't even try to stop it. 

"He knew he couldn't," said Peters, noting that Iran sees itself as "on a roll" in the region and may lash out in Iraq. 

He warned of Iran directing suicide attacks at U.S. forces in Iraq or taking Americans prisoner as retaliation.

Peters said the attack was a "total loss of face and influence" for Putin and that he believes Assad learned a lesson.

Peters disagreed with Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said Assad effectively told Trump "F you" by flying missions from the base after the strikes. 

He said that was a sign of desperation by Assad and the missile strikes will have been successful if Assad does not use any more chemical weapons.

"The fact that 58 of 59 cruise missiles hit their targets, that scared the Russians and Iranians. It was a lesson to the world," he said, explaining that he has criticized Trump in the past but believes the president "got it exactly right" in this instance.

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