Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Saturday that President Trump should have gotten Congressional approval before bombing a Syrian airbase.

Paul said the situation was similar to what President George Bush faced when dealing with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

But, Paul noted that Bush sought Congressional approval before attacking the Hussein regime, unlike Trump's actions toward Bashar al-Assad.

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He said that by the president first asking Congress, he is effectively getting the people's permission to bomb another country.

"We would be at war all the time if there weren't limits," Paul said. "[An] atrocity is not an excuse to disobey the Constitution."

Paul added that no one knows who would rise to power in Syria if Assad was toppled.

He noted ISIS and al-Nusra oppose Assad as they do the West, and that some rebel groups have said they will turn their anti-armament weapons toward Israel once Damascus is taken.

"I don't want my money going to people who attack Israel either," he said.

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