At a New York gala this week, Hillary Clinton said misogyny is partially to blame for her loss to President Trump.

Clinton said dislike or distrust of women "played a role" and that she is working to "parse out" the other reasons for her loss.

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Liberal advocate Jehmu Greene said on "Fox & Friends" that Clinton "stated the obvious" by noting misogyny's role in the election.

She said that both Clinton and Trump came across as powerful people but that Clinton was the only one whose charisma was questioned.

Liberal journalist Cathy Areu said misogyny played a very big role in the election because the electorate is apprehensive of strong women in power.

She noted that women have not yet had 100 years of suffrage, and that Clinton's identity was cause for voters to be afraid of change after 43 male presidents.

Greene added that because of the press' continuous coverage of Trump, Clinton was unable to have her voice heard and nodded to alleged Russian interference.

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