Harvard University has decided to edit its anthem lyrics to remove the term "Puritan," which a school 'task force' found insufficiently inclusive.

The final lines of "Fair Harvard" include the word 'Puritan' as a reference to the English Protestants who founded the institution.

Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love,
Till the stock of the Puritans die.

Campus Reform contributor Emily Hall slammed the decision by the 'Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging," saying that instead of revising history, Harvard should properly teach it.

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The school said the song's lyrics were last revised in 1998 to make it more gender-inclusive, and that it is finally time to change the last line.

Hall pointed out that Harvard now joins a few other schools in the area in removing perceptibly offensive references.

Nearby Yale University in Connecticut changed the name of Calhoun Hall, because it immortalized the late Sen. John Calhoun (D-S.C.).

Calhoun, who also served as John Quincy Adams' vice president, was a staunchly pro-slavery southerner who sought to expand the practice.

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