A Syrian refugee who settled in Maryland praised President Trump for ordering the bombing of a Syrian airfield after the country's president purportedly authorized an attack on his own people.

Mostafa Hassoun, who fled his homeland in 2011 when he was 17, said Trump deserves accolades for punishing Bashar al-Assad.

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"I'm so happy now, I'm so glad he did that," Hassoun said.

Hassoun said Trump drew a more meaningful 'red line' than President Obama, whose warnings to Assad he called "fake."

Though Hassoun said he appreciated the United States giving him refuge, he wished he could one day return home to Syria.

But, he said that until Trump forces Assad from power, he would not feel safe going back.

"[Assad] will keep killing people if Mr. Donald Trump gives him [Obama's type of] red line," he said. "I miss my country."

Hassoun said he spoke with people in Syria after the American airstrike, remarking that they thought Trump's response to the gas attack was "really awesome."

Watch Hassoun's full comments above and check out Sean Hannity's response to Trump's actions HERE.

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