Former CKE Restaurants executive Andrew Puzder wrote in the Wall Street Journal that rising labor costs combined with minimum wage hikes effectively created a "Robot Employment Act."

Puzder, who bowed out of contention for President Trump's labor secretary, said on the "Journal Editorial Report" that McDonald's is installing 14,000 ordering kiosks and that Wendy's is adding 1,000.

He called the changes an example of how high labor costs from heightened minimum wage levels and the like have driven companies to take the risk and make such drastic changes.

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Puzder said he is often mischaracterized as a supporter of automation, but explained that he speaks on the topic to make others aware of the economic issues that cause workers to lose those type of jobs.

He said that in order to lower costs and put younger or less-educated people back to work, ObamaCare must be repealed or drastically amended to reduce businesses' financial burden.

Puzder said that in the face of growing automation, such workers are not trained for the jobs that exist and must have access to lower-wage stepping stones to gain valuable work experience.

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