The Trump administration's airstrikes on a Syrian air base show our allies and adversaries that there's been a "paradigm shift" in U.S. foreign policy, according to Tony Shaffer.

Shaffer, a retired lieutenant colonel and intelligence expert, said on "Your World" today that we finally have a commander-and-chief who's willing to take action in President Trump.

"The Obama administration, to a fault, removed military capabilities from any negotiation," Shaffer said. "I think that gave the State Department a huge disadvantage."

He said that last night's airstrikes sent a clear message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies Russia and Iran that "the game has changed."

Shaffer added that this could also signal a "paradigm shift" in how the U.S. approaches other adversaries, as well.

"This president may deviate ... from the past," Shaffer said. "This means that there could be very well some different actions against North Korea than we've seen before."

Watch more from Shaffer above.

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