By ordering U.S. airstrikes in Syria, President Trump showed the world the difference between leading from behind and leading from the front, Sean Hannity said tonight.

On Friday night, 59 U.S. Tomahawk missiles pounded the Shayrat air base, just days after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is believed to have launched a deadly chemical weapons attack on civilians.

Hannity said Trump's message to the world couldn't be clearer: "The United States of America is back."

"Syria, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and the rest of the entire world saw a very different United States of America last night," Hannity said. "Instead of weakness, we now have strength. Instead of appeasement [and] capitulation, we now have decisiveness and leadership. Timidity has been replaced by bold action."

He said this is a far cry from the Obama administration, which did nothing when the Assad regime crossed Obama's infamous chemical weapons "red line."

Even worse, Hannity said, the Obama administration bragged in 2014 it struck a deal with Assad to purge Syria of chemical weapons.

"President Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice all said the same thing: Assad had gotten rid of all his chemical weapons," Hannity said. "But guess what? They were all dead wrong."

He said that Trump, on the other hand, acted swiftly and decisively to stop Assad from using chemical weapons ever again.

Watch more above, and see Charles Krauthammer explain why Trump's airstrikes tell the world "America is back."

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