Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament from England and one of the key figures behind Brexit, joined Tucker Carlson tonight to react to the terror attack that left at least four people dead in Stockholm, Sweden.

Farage said it appears the attack - in which a hijacked truck was crashed into an upscale department store - is connected to Sweden's policy of "mass open-door immigration."

He pointed out that per capita, Sweden has taken in more Middle Eastern refugees than any other country.

"There are two problems. One is people coming in and committing terror. The other is radicalization that takes place in schools and prisons," Farage said. "This is not going to be the last such attack in Sweden or elsewhere in Europe."

Tucker asked why European Union bureaucrats want to bring in millions of refugees who don't share their values whatsoever.

Farage suggested that many secular leaders are actively trying to downplay Judeo-Christian heritage and culture in their countries.

"The problem with people who make policy like this is once they've embarked on the course, they can't ever admit they're wrong," Farage said.

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