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Judge Jeanine Pirro applauded President Trump's decision to launch 59 missiles targeting a Syrian air base in response to the recent chemical weapons attack on civilians. 

She praised the president for acting decisively, saying that it makes Americans proud when the United States takes action against an "evil" dictator like Bashar al-Assad.

Pirro said it's a refreshing shift from the "dithering" President Obama, who "couldn't make a decision, who drew a line in the sand and did nothing about it."

She noted that the Obama administration worked with Russia in 2013 on a now-failed agreement to make sure Assad gave up his chemical weapons and they were removed from the country. 

Pirro scoffed at those who argue that the warning to Russia before the missile strikes shows collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin. 

She argued that the warning shows Trump does not want a "world war," only to put a stop to Assad's war crimes.

"For all those people who said there was this 'bromance' between Donald Trump and Putin? Well, the 'bromance' is over," said Pirro.

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