Nearly two-thirds of people over the age of 70 claim they are "happier than they have ever been," a new survey found.

63 percent of older people feel more content than at any other point in their lives, and half claim they are in the prime of their life, according to the new data from the Royal Voluntary Service.

Two-thirds said the best thing about getting older is having more time to do what you want. Other benefits include worrying less about things that aren’t important (52 percent), no longer caring what people think (37 percent) and being able to speak your mind (27 percent).

In his monologue on "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld said that the less you have of something, the more precious it becomes.

For older people, that something is time, Gutfeld said.

He noted that previous research suggests that the 20s and 30s are the most stressful years in people's lives, which he said makes sense.

"The young are less happy, because they don't know what they've got," Gutfeld said. "There's the rich irony: It's not until you age and gain wisdom that you understand the fun you could have had when you were younger. Youthful impatience obscures the endless potential for joy that's standing right in front of you."

"But the thing about being old: If they ask you if you're happy, of course you're going to say yes. Because the alternative to being old isn't being young. It's being dead."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue above, and see celebrities and comedians react to the passing of comedy legend Don Rickles.

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