In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity issued an invitation for the mainstream media to apologize to President Trump for ridiculing him over his tweet alleging that President Obama "wiretapped" him.

Hannity said that revelations showing Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, unmasked Trump associates names caught in routine surveillance is reason to say Trump was on the right track with his allegation.

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He recalled how the media conducted a "character assassination" on House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and mocked Trump repeatedly over the last month for his claims.

Hannity called the Rice revelations a "scandal of historic and monumental proportions" and said Rice effectively "weaponized" raw intelligence data for her own political gain.

"Will the media treat the story with the importance it deserves?" Hannity asked. "Will they ever apologize for ridiculing Trump for his surveillance claims now that he's proven right?"

Hannity said the media's hatred for the president has gotten in the way of their ability to put forth balanced reportage.

Watch the full monologue above and check out Tucker Carlson's recent debate with a sanctuary city mayor over Trump's policies, HERE.

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