Actor Robert De Niro said his opinion of President Trump has not changed since last year, when he called Trump a "bulls--t artist," "a mutt" and a "national disaster" who "doesn't pay his taxes."

When the TriBeCa Film Festival co-founder was asked by WNYW's Rosanna Scotto if he still found Trump detestable, he nodded.

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"He is a mutt," De Niro said, referring to a viral video the actor previously released, in which he called his fellow New Yorker "a mutt" and said he "want[ed] to punch him in the face."

De Niro appeared so upset by Scotto's question that he briefly asked festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal to answer for him.

"I can't articulate it well enough, other than to say it's ridiculous and idiotic," he continued.

De Niro, 73, added that "every word" of his 2016 video still rings true today.

"It's beyond surreal," De Niro said.

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