Meghan McCain got fired up on "Outnumbered" today while discussing the chemical attack in Syria that left dozens of men, women and children dead.

The Trump administration has blamed the horrific attack on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying that he and his allies, Russia and Iran, bear "great moral responsibility."

McCain said that President Obama's disastrous policy in Syria led us to this point, and now it's up to President Trump to take strong action. 

"This heinous hellhole that is spiraling out of control happened under President Obama," McCain said. "I believe that America has a responsibility to do something."

She called on Trump to deliver aid to Syria, commit to the removal of Assad, and get tougher on Russia.

"I truly believe this is going to be this generation's Holocaust," McCain said. "The legacy of this your children will feel forever."

She said this is a chance for Trump to be a "true global leader" in the mold of President Ronald Reagan.

"These are people who are helpless," McCain said. "The world is spiraling out of control, and we're sitting back and just watching it on Twitter."

Watch more from McCain above, and see Lt. Col. Ralph Peters explain why the chemical attack is a "war crime of the first magnitude."

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