Martha MacCallum debated a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee over whether former national security adviser Susan Rice should be called to testify.

Republicans continue to call for an investigation into potential 'unmasking' of Trump associates at Rice's request, but Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) sees the issue as mostly inconsequential.

Swalwell told Martha MacCallum any appearance by Rice would be an "unnecessary hurdle" to finding out whether President Trump colluded with Russia.

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He said there is no evidence that Rice is guilty of wrongdoing, but that there is evidence Russia attacked United States' systems during the campaign.

He accused former Trump adviser Roger Stone of getting information from Russia through a Romanian hacker known as "Guccifer 2.0." and said Trump therefore has a credibility problem.

MacCallum asked whether Swalwell would want an investigation if a Republican administration official unmasked associates of a Democrat candidate.

Swalwell said "the shoe is on the foot of the Trump team right now."

"That seems very partisan, congressman," MacCallum said.

Swalwell maintained that Trump is the only person who can publicize documents about his alleged collusion and continued to dismiss whether accusations against Rice had any merit.

Watch the full debate above and find out what Robert De Niro thinks of Trump HERE.

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