Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday that both people and pundits "don't know a damn thing" about whether Susan Rice is guilty of wrongdoing.

James Rosen noted that Republicans have criticized Rice for her false narratives in the aftermath of Benghazi and her description of Sgt. Bowe Berghahl's "honor and distinction."

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That being said, Krauthammer maintained that her accusers are "talking out of their hats" because there is little evidence to implicate her in this specific situation.

He said that Rice unmasked at least one individual one time, but that we have no idea whether it was just once or "50 times."

Krauthammer said Rice's critics don't know whether the unmasking was incidental or whether it was a "campaign" for political gain.

"Jumping to conclusions is wrong...and unfair to Rice," he said.

However, Krauthammer added that if Rice refuses to testify before Congress if asked, there is reason to believe she may be implicated in something serious.

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