Meghan McCain says she's been extremely disappointed in how the media has covered the Susan Rice "unmasking" revelations.

Rice, former President Obama's national security advisor, reportedly requested to unmask the names of Trump associates caught up in sensitive intelligence reports.

"Imagine that Dick Cheney or President Bush had 'incidentally collected' information on the Obama family," McCain said on "Outnumbered" today. "People would be screaming bloody murder like banshees in the street right now."

She said that many in the mainstream media have tried to make this story go away, even though "there's a lot of smoke."

McCain singled out CNN host Don Lemon, who said he would not report on this "diversion."

"Don Lemon was incredibly condescending to his viewers in that moment," McCain said. "I understand that CNN has this sort of combative relationship with the presidency right now, but you still need to cover stories responsibly as a journalist."

She argued that the press ignores stories that make Obama look bad and obsesses over stories that make Trump look bad, which is why so many Americans have a "complete and total distrust" of the mainstream media.

Watch more above, and see Tucker Carlson grill a former Obama aide on surveillance and Russia.

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