Conservative author and "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest-host Mark Steyn said that the Susan Rice story is a "real story" because the mainstream media refuses to cover it.

As Tucker Carlson noted, CNN's Don Lemon and Christopher Cuomo dismissed the premise of allegations that Rice unmasked Trump associates for political purposes.

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"The media is basically annoyed because this is a distraction from their distraction about [Russian] collusion [with the Trump campaign]," Steyn said.

He said it was "odd" that Rice would allegedly be surveilling conversations involving Trump for more than a year, while acting as a national security adviser for President Obama.

Steyn added that the "biggest clue" to whether the story is a true bombshell is the fact mainstream media figures like Cuomo and Lemon refuse to report on it.

"They're annoyed that someone has managed to out-fake their own fake news with the 'fake' Susan Rice story," he said.

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