Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice is "pulling a Sergeant Schultz" when she repeatedly denies improperly 'unmasking' Trump associates caught in surveillance activity.

Rice told PBS she "knows nothing" and was "surprised" by statements from Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) who is leading the House investigation into the surveillance.

"Now she's pulling a Sergeant Schultz," he said, referring to John Banner's character in CBS' "Hogan's Heroes."

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Nazi Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz was known to proclaim "I know nothing, I see nothing!" whenever American POW Col. Robert Hogan engaged in his regular anti-Axis antics in the 1960s comedy.

Watch the full monologue to find out what Gutfeld meant by that and check out his hilarious spoof of a Rachel Maddow 'Exclusive' report.

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