Charles Krauthammer reacted to news that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice allegedly requested the unmasking of Trump associates' names in surveillance reports.

He said that while Rice apparently contradicted herself on the matter, the media and others would be better served by concentrating on real crises like North Korea or Iran.

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"The world is on fire and we're chasing rabbit holes," Krauthammer said. "I'm sure we're not going to find anything on the collusion issue."

He mentioned North Korea's antics, China annexing manmade islands and recent Syrian atrocities.

Regarding the allegations against Rice, Krauthammer said there may be a few instances where she unmasked the names for political reasons but that it is likely a case of "incompetence" and not "conspiracy."

He remarked that Washington political operatives "couldn't organize a two-car funeral" procession, let alone craft a massive conspiracy against an opponent.

Krauthammer said Rice appears to contradict herself on the unmasking matter, and will probably "wiggle around" her role in the process through questions about what the word "this" means.

"Very Clintonian," he said.

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