The city council of Cambridge, Massachusetts voted overwhelmingly to probe the possibility of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The governing body of the Massachusetts city with a well-known progressive bent voted 7-1, with one abstention, to investigate whether Trump violated the emoluments clause in the Constitution with his foreign investments and properties.

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Cambridge has asked the U.S. House of Representatives to "look into [Trump's] business interests, and their potential violation" of the Constitution.

The resolution reportedly comes from a template created by the group Impeach Donald Trump Now, which seeks to prosecute the president over allegations of conflicts of interest.

"These violations undermine the integrity of the presidency, corruptly advance the personal wealth of the president and violate the public trust," the resolution read.

Another progressive group, Cambridge Area Stronger Together, also helped introduce the measure, the Washington Times reported.

As the Times pointed out, if Trump would be impeached, Vice President Mike Pence, who is seen as even more conservative than the president, would assume office.

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