A California lawmaker opposed a bill to make the state a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants, warning that the bill will have consequences.

"By passing this today you'll be kicking the president right in the groin, and I can imagine he's going to strike back," said Republican State Sen. Jeff Stone of Temecula.

The bill is heading to the state Assembly after it was approved by a vote of 27-12 in the state Senate. Stone and others argued the measure is a threat to public safety. 

AP reported:

The bill, SB54, advanced after Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, amended it to let state and local law enforcement notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement federal agents before convicted serious or violent felons are released from custody.

De Leon also stripped the bill of a provision that would have required a two-thirds vote. Passing the measure with a simple majority means it wouldn't take effect until Jan. 1, while the previous version would have taken effect immediately.

"We will cooperate with our friends at the federal level with serious and violent felons. But we won't cooperate or lift a finger or spend a single cent when we're talking about separating children from their mothers, mothers from their children," de Leon said. "That's not who we are as a great state."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last week federal funding will be withheld from communities that do not cooperate with federal authorities on deporting illegal immigrants.

He also "pleaded" with the state of Maryland not to go forward with its own sanctuary state legislation.  

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