Newark Mayor Ras Baraka (D) said that the Trump administration's plan to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities is a way of intimidating them into working as "fugitive slave catchers."

Baraka declared after President Trump was elected that he would continue to protect residents of New Jersey's largest city from federal immigration authorities.

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He told MSNBC that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "targeting" mayors like himself, and intimidating them into being "fugitive slave catchers that run around and do their bidding in our cities."

Baraka, 46, said that if sanctuary city mayors refuse to follow the illegal immigration directive, the federal government won't have the resources to "run down" illegals in Newark and elsewhere.

Host Al Sharpton said Trump's budget appears to show funding cuts for cities whether or not they follow Sessions' order.

Sharpton said Trump is trying to "racial-stereotype" the illegal immigration crackdown as a "Mexican border" issue.

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