Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was loudly booed by constituents at a town hall in North Charleston on Saturday, after telling the crowd he was planning to vote for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

Graham said that Judge Neil Gorusch is a "very qualified man," and pledged that Republicans can count on his vote.

He was quickly met with boos and jeers from many of the audience members at Trident Technical College.

Senate Republicans and Democrats are split over the possibility of Gorsuch being confirmed to the Supreme Court ahead of a scheduled Senate vote this week.

Gorsuch is expected to struggle to get 60 Senate votes for final confirmation by Friday.

With 52 Republican senators, eight votes from Democrats or the Senate's two independents would be needed to advance the nomination and prevent a filibuster.

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"I will vote for him because I cannot think of a better person a Republican president could have chosen,” Graham said. "There is no better nominee to be chosen by President Trump."

He warned Democrats that a filibuster will take the Senate down a "very dangerous path," urging them to accept the result of the 2016 election and confirm Gorsuch.

He also said that anyone on the left who can't see Gorsuch’s merits as a nominee is "blinded by your own partisanship."

See video from the town hall above, and watch Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer explain why he thinks Republicans are afraid to compromise on the Supreme Court vacancy.

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